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Patrizia Volpato is a combined series of technical and artistic skills which make it possible to transform a product into a complete and personal project advisory service.

A stylistic universe of reference which starts from the excellence of the chosen raw materials and the craftsmanship quality of the product, to define a name that is unique of its kind, dedicated to a refined target of customers who love contemporary luxury and atmospheres which are continuously renewed to delight and astonish.



    Aline is generated from a balanced synopsis of optics, mechanics and style. The metal body is both the structure and the optical component to control the amount of light. The central facetted glass creates a magical lighting effect, enhancing the simplicity and delicacy of the lamp in a wide range of finishes and modular solutions.


    Crypto has an original shape in transparent glass, with irregular surfaces that recur in varying lengths, a design creation for attractive and elegant suspension compositions, giving movement and volume to their surroundings.


    Collection of lamps with metal structure and fabric lampshade.


    A sculpture of light that captures the strength and warmth of Nature: Magma is the new Patrizia Volpato creation dedicated to rooms which have their distinct and unique style.

    It creates precious reflections of silver or gold with the sparkling facets of crystal.

    Total freedom of choise, Magma is available in the wall, ceiling or standard versions.


    Regular forms that enclose the light to then give it to us, decomposed in a myriad of sparkling reflections, creating irregular plays of light on the surface where the lamp stands. A modular lighting solution to produce imaginative compositions that adapt to numerous situations.


    The navigation keeps going slowly, following the natural movement of the waves which lapsour sights with tender caresses.

    Patrizia Volpato has created Marea, a line ready to set up the course towards new horizons,illuminating it with bright and crystal glares,which lead the eyes to the infinity, through the lightness of the foam become light.


    With Sfera by Patrizia Volpato it is time to discover the new directions taken by design to transform evryday scenarios into places of pure ppleasure.

    The destination is a new aesthetic avant-garde, in which light and steel merge to give life to a formal language of the future, lighting up the way ahead with majestic elegance.


    The running sequence of the notes of a soave melody accompanies the entry onto the scene of this étoile, which swirl after swirl transforms the light into choreography.

    Rondò by Patrizia Volpato dances lightly on its toes with classical elegance, amn elegance which does not fear the passing of time, with controlled movements which offer the eyes a sight which entrances the senses.


    Patrizia Volpato mixes up design and contemporary style through a diamonts dance. Its brightness reminds the crystal elegance and it is the result of the plexiglass decorative pieces succession.

    This is Prisma, a new line able to warm every space with proper light and to give a decorative and modern taste to its spaces.

  • EOS

    Patrizia Volpato introduces the LEDs and shows that they don’t mean just technology but also Design, Quality and Decoration.

    The modern idea is given by light strips that join into the ambience creating a dream atmosphere.

    The abstract shapes enclose the lighting structure and reflect the light itself! It gives birth EOS.


    Intimacy and sophistication, elegance and lightness, like a flower petal: girasole is the driving and emotional core which, like a shard of light, runs through Patrizia Volpato’s new collection.

    In a jubilation of tiny sparkling gems which highlight its floral contours, floor standing and wall creations which give life to the environment and define its identity.

    In Volpato Patrizia House sprouts a new seed of ideas and design that smells of summer and velvety fragrance and that, as a Sunflower, follows trend and style. Essences of light radiate and intoxicate the senses projecting the view in a flowery field.


    Beauty plays the aristocrat, choosing paths which reveal vivacious flashes of light and transparency. Patrizia Volpato presents Intrecci, a line dedicated to those who live elegance and who are also able to appreciate at the same time the freedom of composition enclosed within a pattern. The lines chase each other as only dreams can do and in an instant become poetry.


    The Murano glass shaped in timeless forms, in many colors, from origin to creations of contemporary and prestigious, to furnish as well as illuminate the spaces with extreme elegance.


    Hand-crafted Venetian glass beads surround the air giving bright light and bright atmospheres, Venezia collection.


    Enclosed in mysterious geometrical structures, imagination is at last set free to express itself through a ray of sun. Cristalli by Patrizia Volpato is an exciting challenge in which these creations seek an indissoluble link between the reign of magic and our spirit. The light is split to give life to a myriad of forms which offer precious breaths of energy.


    The miracle of nature is revealed yet again to our eyes and offers our heart soft caresses.

    Patrizia Volpato catches this fascination and transforms it into Petali, a joyous creation full of promises like the first spring.

    Wind and thoughts run among the arabesques of this line, drawing petals of sunshine, overflowing with life.

  • FEDI

    Duration in time and traditional elegance, but steeped in vivacity, to illuminate everyday life with a light which is ever new, extraordinarily vital. Fedi, an innovative creation by Patrizia Volpato, is perfect for a long and happy combination of space and design: a line which enjoins solidity with lightness, continuity with invention. A jewel, available in ceiling and wall versions, also accompanied by elements which enhance the environment with the fascination of transparency.


    Magnificent regal suggestions recount the soul of the Diadema collection.

    Fairy-tale inspiration entwines with strongly contemporary designs.

    Clean, minimal lines go hand in hand with a romanticism which winds through crystal transparencies and sparkling drops of light.

    Class without time, between design and fantasy.

    Metal structure with lead crystal 30%. Suspension lamp, wall lamp and ceiling lamp.