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Knikerboker was born after many years of experience in the eld of fashion, whose principal aim was the research for elegance and refinement typical of Made in Italy.

It is from the union between these two universes that Knikerboker borns, whose distinctive concept is represented by the emphasis that the company puts on the projects of its collections, made not only of lamps but also of unique lighting sculptures, blending different spheres of creativity: art, fashion and design.

Reflection and refraction create atmospheres of suggestion, characterized by a physical and intrinsic elegance, where shadows, glares and ares o er solutions suitable to any kind of furnishing needs.


  • NON SO!

    Essential... Indefinable... Sensation or impression that can’t be clearly de ned. Having a certain “Non So che”, something charming but hardly definable.

  • GI.GI.

    Steel looks like an useless and static material until it is shaped and folded on itself creating inside, as a casket which burst revealing its treasure or an oyster with a lighting secret, a light which radiates the surroundings.


    Different shapes, colors and dimensions, endless and intriguing space, of which we see a small part: the sky that lights up with stars and sparks during the night and gathers different shades of color.


    With a careful craftsmanship, solid but thin pieces of aluminium change consistency turning into smooth waves that, like the marine ones, seem to softly move on the shore to the wind blow and ll with lights and colors and then retreat on themselves.


    Sinuous shadows alter the shapes... moved like clothes hanging in the wind, soft as wings, free in the light.


    Satellites-scultures shaped malleable hand-wrought steel, color-icy, the total look monochromatic in gold leaf, silver and total white shine with its reflecting light. A monolith light that reaches the apex of its shape thanks to the skilful irreplaceable craft manipulation who sign and countersign the brand KNIKERBOKER.

  • HUÉ

    Sinuosly curved on its own figure as lightful cylindric shapes, with both tips turned towards to the two poles. Nearly silky chromatic couplings join together innovative and unusual chromazying, from black nikel to chrome, from gold to silver, from copper to bronze, with a dash of “total white”, essential and smart color.


    A unique spyral form surrounds light with its luminous surface, retaining and rendering it almost immortal. Depending on your point of observation, its commanding geometric shape blends rays of light and shadows into surreal material.


    Concave and convex shapes alternate creating curves. A line of light illuminates their sides giving birth to aluminium and its different colors.


    Claude Debussy “Music is the arithmetic of sound as optics is the geometry of light”


    Gold and silver are ignited by light reflected by aluminium blades. The new Ecliptika line comes to life, young and elegant in different version will adapted to different interiors styles.


    “Ten years” of game between passion and material cuts of light and shadows.

    Knikerboker thus celebrates love for “des.agn” pure and essential “a blade which cuts a window towards the future”


    We are creating…

    We never put limits to new ideas, since we give loose to our inspirational character:

    to create new concepts that spread our artistic light.

    DO NOT DISTURB rises, an emblematic vision of a magnifying glass with double spectrum led.

    No shadows… “focus on light”!



    This project sinuosly renders Hand-Made philosophy.

    An aluminium wire moulded into irregular shape get ticked accemptuated the innovative concept of  “LIGHTART MOOD”.


    Confusione is reinvented in an endless vortex, where material has a beginning

    but an ending can’t be found, “confusing“ with the background where it’s

    placed and adapting to it.


    Collection of hand-woven aluminum wire wires. Geometric and confused lines merge into a unique set.


    Passion, precision and “Hand Made” uniqueness had made possible the realization of true art works.

    Impressive “luminous sculptures” come to life from a fine wire of curved and braided aluminium, formed by expert hands.

    These oversize objects inspire amazement and emotions which become an intricate part of the product.


    The aluminium raw substance is bent, twisted and molded in cubic shapes which start from small sizes and reach massive sculptures, creating with light wide play of lights and shadows.


    Braided aluminum give life to Rotola, circles of reflections, light and shadow.


    Special editions

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Showing 1 - 12 of 160 items