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It is the story of the gradual realization that classicism is as a substantial element of everyday life. It is a mix of classical and reassuring references with a new spirit, young and glamorous. The outcome is a striking parade of light with bright personality, quite uncommon, which in the streaming of the pages never gives way to the ephemeral excesses of fashion. The concept associated with this edition stems from the perception of the context in which we live and from the awareness that being projected into the future does not mean leaving the past behind. The classic collection should not be considered as a passage of history relegated to memory, rather it should be put back to play to stay ‘at hand’. The basic element underlying the collection is our Made in Italy, seen as a genuine research, enhancement and development of the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship.


  • Table lamp Opera
    Classic or modern style table lamps. Fabric lamp shades with bases in Murano glass, crystal or metal.
  • Wall lamps Opera
    Wall lamp collection with or without lampshade, Murano glass or crystal.
  • Floor lamp Opera
    Floor lamp Opera collection
  • Chandeliers -...
    Collections of Murano glass chandeliers and suspensions, Swarovski crystal or Crystal Spectra
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Showing 1 - 12 of 102 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 102 items