• Subject matter
These general conditions regard the distance purchasing of products and services via the www.artital.it website belonging to SOFTEK SRLS, whose offices are in Via Candia 10, Verona, and whose Tax code and VAT number is 04534690237.
All purchasing transactions are regulated by Legislative Decree number 185/99, and in respect of the protection of confidentiality, the transactions are subject to the regulations contained in Law number 675/96 and its subsequent modifications.

• Acceptance of general sales conditions
By sending confirmation of orders by telematic means, in respect of all transactions with SOFTEK SRLS (hereinafter referred to as SOFTEK SRLS), customers unconditionally accept and commit to complying with the general and payment conditions described below, declaring that they have read and accepted all the information provided for them in accordance with the above mentioned regulations, also taking note of the fact that SOFTEK SRLS does not consider itself to be bound by different conditions unless they are agreed in writing.

• Customer commitments
These general conditions of sale must be examined on line by customers visiting the www.artital.it website before confirming purchases. Therefore, sending confirmation of orders implies total awareness of the general conditions of sale and their total acceptance.
Customers commit and are obliged to print off and preserve the general conditions of sale, which have already been read and accepted during the purchasing process, so as to completely satisfy the conditions contained in articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree number 185/1999.

• Purchasing procedures
www.artital.it is a website used for selling products for lighting, furnishing and furniture accessories.
The purchasing of products, which are available as illustrated and described on line in the relevant descriptive and technical data sheets, is carried out by customers at the prices listed therein, the purchases being confirmed the moment order confirmation is sent, including delivery costs, which can be seen at the moment of purchase.
Before confirming purchases, the unit cost for all chosen products is summarised for customers, as well as the total cost and relative delivery costs should other products be purchased.
By confirming a purchase, which completes the transaction, customers receive a message by electronic mail that contains the data and overall cost of the order, as well as the details regarding the same. In the heading of the e-mail the customer will find the number attributed to his/her order: this number must be cited for all subsequent communications with SOFTEK SRLS,.

• Custom duties and taxes
Purchases from Extra EU Countries could be subject to duties and taxes by purchaser’s Country customs offices.

• Payment
Payment for purchased products must be carried out by customers when order confirmation is sent, using a credit card of the types that are indicated on line, or by anticipate bank transfer.

Payment by Paypal.

Payment by anticipate bank transfer
For customers who pay via anticipate bank transfer, payment can be made to the following:


C.F. / P. IVA 04534690237


Iban: IT53 V058 5620 8000 8857 1380 591


the name of the purchaser and the order number must be written in the bank transfer causality section.

• Delivery of products
Purchased products will be delivered by SOFTEK SRLS to the addresses supplied by customers.
Each shipment contains the following:
• Sales invoice
• Goods ordered
Products are delivered any working day of the week. Delivery of products by SOFTEK SRLS may be fractionated, without this resulting in any responsibility on behalf of SOFTEK SRLS.
Considering that many of the items we sell are only made to order. Customers are always asked to check the delivery times we specify in the descriptive part of the heading when purchases are being made.
We use the best couriers in the world for delivery, in particular UPS, Fedex, DHL.
The couriers we use do not generally make telephone calls before delivery, and they do not deliver at specifically requested times. Therefore, we ask customers to provide us with delivery addresses where there is normally someone present to receive parcels.
Delivery times and delivery costs depend on the sizes of products, the delivery method and the chosen courier.

The products we deliver are packed with the maximum amount of care: in any case, customers are obliged to check that packages are intact, undamaged, and not wet: we ask customers to accept all deliveries, signing “with reserve” if packages are damaged.

We would like to remind customers that if there are breakages of lost items, Italian Law 450/85 and its subsequent modifications is applicable. Therefore, we recommend insuring shipments for purchases of a value of more than € 1,000. The insurance cost is 1% of the value of goods.

Should customers find broken parts when opening packages, we would ask them to send us photographs of the damage as soon as possible: our trading policy has always been that of sending replacement parts, at our cost and as quickly as possible.

We do not accept returns of personalised articles or products available only by order (for example purposes, but not as an exhaustive list, articles made of Murano glass) if they are not authorised in advance.

• Warranties and defective products
Products purchased from SOFTEK SRLS are subject to the regulations, as far as they are applicable, of Legislative Decree number 24 dated 2.2.2002 (G.U. number 57 dated 8.3.2002) regarding sales contracts and guarantees for consumer goods and, even though it is not covered by this legislation, the specific requirements on this subject matter covered by the Italian civil Code.
This guarantee is applicable to products that have conformity defects or malfunctioning that cannot be checked when making a purchase, as long as a product is used correctly and diligently, in other words in conformance with its use and according to the information in technical documentation, in compliance with the various operating regulations contained therein.
Instead, the above mentioned guarantee will not be applicable in case of negligence, careless use and maintenance of products, connection of purchased goods to electrical systems, or any other type of connections that are not in line with standards. Guarantees are personal and are only applicable to the original purchasers, except for products sold to shopkeepers, retailers etc.
Any malfunctioning of products must be reported within ten (10) days of the reception of the goods. Reports must be in writing and attached by customers to returned packages of defective products.
Even if a product is defective, in order to be replaced it must have the original packaging, accessories and documentation received by the customer.
Returning products without the original packaging, accessories and documentation will prevent SOFTEK SRLS from replacing them with other goods from the manufacturers, which therefore makes them impossible to replace.
SOFTEK SRLS reserves the right to check defects declared by customers and to replace them after carrying out verification.
The costs of returning goods to the sender are always the responsibility of customers.

• Contractual rescission rights
Most of the articles shown on the www.artital.it website are not in stock but are produced as a result of specific orders from customers: they are often personalised in terms of colour, size and shape. Obviously, orders for these kinds of articles cannot be cancelled: in fact, none of our customers have ever returned any..

Other articles purchased on the www.artital.it website are regulated by Italian law regarding sales by correspondence. If you wish to return an article you have ten days from the delivery date to exercise your rescission rights, in other words the possibility of returning goods. We shall reimburse the entire amount paid (except for postage and packaging costs, as specified by Italian law).
In any case rescission must be agreed in terms of method and timescale with SOFTEK SRLS, and the delivery costs of returning products, as well as any applicable taxes and customs charges, are totally the responsibility of customers.
We kindly request customers to return goods in their original packaging: obviously returned goods must be in perfect condition in all their parts.

• Information and claims
For any clarification or claims SOFTEK SRLS may be contacted at the following e-mail address: info@artital.it
Cancellation of orders by SOFTEK SRLS
SOFTEK SRLS reserves the right to cancel orders or articles in orders if any of the following circumstances are applicable:
1. SOFTEK SRLS is informed that the articles have been deleted from the catalogues of their manufacturers;
2. Articles that cannot be delivered by suppliers because of various problems;
3. Credit card fraud; fraud against SOFTEK SRLS;
4. Price variations by suppliers that involve modifications to prices of more than 10%.
This contract shall be regulated by Italian law. The Rovereto court of law shall have jurisdiction over any disputes regarding its validity, interpretation and execution.